Star (riotangelstar) wrote in twinstogether,


Am I the only one semi confused here? Not with the whole Joel/Benji thing. I think I have that down. But what's going on with Tony and Matt? If anyone could post a rundown on everyone. If it's asking to much forget it. I just think a recap would be good. Just suggesting.
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I'm sorry if the whole Matt and Tony thing is a little confusing. If you read what I wrote in our journal, my fellow RPer has been having computer problems these past couple weeks and we really haven't gotten a chance to update their journals as much. I think if you go back and read their journals earlier on, you'll understand.

Sorry for the confusion, but I guarentee that everything will start making more sense by at least the end of this week :)
it's okay. I think I missed an entry or something too. I'll have to go back and reread. :) Thanks.