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Cut for spoilers
OMG I hate that Tony Lovato right now. Or should and Benji should've just told Joel. I mean I understand why he didn't, but still. Poor Joely, he just wanted to know the truth. Now he doesn't know what to believe. I'm glad they have Billy to talk to. I can understand Joel wanting time though. He's hurt, even though Benji didn't do it while they were together, it still hurts to know that one of your friends was with your boyfriend even if it was before he was your boyfriend. And the too of them have such a bond...I'm glad Benji's not drinking again or this would send him striaght to the bottle. Hopefully everything turns out okay. And where the hell is Tony now? I see no comments from him. He's a smart boy for once. Staying out of it. He's caused enough trouble for them.
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